Lene Lovich Band


Lene joined forces with Subterraneans frontman Jude Rawlins for a celebration of the music of German composer Kurt Weill. During the tour they hatched an idea to form a new band to take Lene’s classic material back on the road. In 2012 Jude immediately recruited Morgan King as drummer in June, and keyboardist Kirsten Morrison joined in July. It was a baptism of fire for the new band, after just one low-key show at London’s much-loved 12 Bar club, their next appearance was headlining the annual Drop Dead Festival in Berlin.  After this they decided to become the Lene Lovich Band and are now well into there 5th year together...

Das Flüff


In 2017 Morgan is teaming up with Das Flüff for a series of live shows as electonic drummer.  Das Flüff is dirty post punk electro rock outfit that present a bi-polar mix of raving guitars and heady dance beats splattered with electronica, the Berlin/London-based Das Fluff, deliver unpredictable fury, explicit honesty and dis-arming emotional and musical fearlessness.


Front woman/writer/producer Dawn Lintern has built a reputation for mesmerising, intimidating and terrifying audiences.  Her voice is her weapon, ranging from angelic sweetness to the shriekings of a she-devil.

Gin Devo


Morgan met Gin in 2016 when supporting his live show at the B52 Club in Belgium.  After this event they agreed to a collaboration which will be released in 2017... Gin Devo is a performing artist, musician, modular synthesist and songwriter of the Belgian oldschool electronic cultband “Vomito Negro”. Inspired by Cabaret Voltaire and Kraftwerk Gin started to experiment in the early 80’s with tapeloops, drumboxes, mono synthesizers and effect driven vocals to create his own electronic music. In the early 90’s Gin graduated at the royal art academy in Antwerp and was student at the Royal conservatory of experimental electronic music.